Australia is a film location paradise. We offer so many possibilities.

Horizon lines that stretch forever with unique wildlife.

Red dust interiors, sandy deserts, salt flats, gibber plains, and spectacular rocky outcrops that dominate the landscape.

A country of contrasts, from the rainforests of the top end... to the wild and unpredictable Tasmanian coastlines.

And likewise we can offer a comprehensive architectural palette .

European and American panoramas can easily be duplicated.

New York warehouse conversions, impeccably detailed homes, sumptuous Art Deco apartments to comfortable beach shacks.

Bold structures, medium high-density housing, industrial, modern commercial buildings and the suburban mosaic of red terracotta roof tiles and blue swimming pools.

In outlying rural areas, European influenced buildings constructed in, stone, timber and corrugated iron leave an unmistakable Australian flavour

We have them all.

Australia is vast ......with powerful landscapes and diverse climates with a rare light quality, blue skies and coastlines that are hard to forget.